Thursday, June 20, 2013

One of those days

"The Lord gives strength to those who are weary" Isaiah 40:29

Today has been one of those days if you know what I mean. Honestly, this week has been one of those. One of those where I am just. tired. Tired of laundry. Tired of dirty dishes. And diapers. And nursing ever two and a half to three hours like clock work. Tired of not being able to make my 4 month old happy, too tired to keep up with my very active almost two year old how she would prefer me to. 

I say all of this not to be whiny, or complain, but instead to relate because I know we all have these days but we don't talk about them. We don't want people to know we don't have it all together sometimes. That we feel failure. And guess what.....


My amazing husband met me when he got off of work to watch the kids so I could run for just a little bit. (Heaven on earth, I'm telling you). Anyways, he has been helping a friend remodel a bathroom for the past couple of weeks so Lord knows he needs a break too. Love him to pieces, that man. But as I was driving off with the kids, Wyatt screaming as usual, I'm talking to my mom about how hard it's been blah blah blah and my phone cuts out. The song on the radio is that song by needtobreathe and the part singing "all you broken, all you helpless...come lay em down" hit me. God was wanting to talk. So I listened. And I'm telling y'all, He was clear as day in my heart saying, "don't talk to them when you can talk to ME. I will give you the strength. I want you to come to me when you're weak"

He truly does desire me and my burdens. He wants me even when I feel I'm not doing a good enough job. HE delights in me. It's not about me being good enough, because He gives me the grace to make up for what I lack. Because I cannot do it on my own. And neither can you. And that's okay! We weren't made to. 

I love my littles more than anything in this world. Being their mama has been the greatest blessing with innumerable rewards. 

i learned today that when I am weak, He is strong...always. And he wants to be in relationship with me so that I will go to Him when things are good  or bad. 

Whew whatta day, y'all. I'm so thankful tomorrow is Friday. And I'm so thankful that God gave me the help of a man whom I do not deserve yet he loves me anyways. I might just cook my hubby something special for him being so great this week ;)

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