Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Up to speed

I feel like I'm constantly having to update this thing. I really don't know how big bloggers find the time for this like every day! I'm struggling over here.

We all had the flu, minus Emma and Blake, but now we're all good. Colds are trying to sneak their way in here. Me and my essential oils be like... NOPE. We made the trek to get our Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago. Emma and Wyatt had a BLAST! We took a hayride too. So much fun! They've enjoyed taking the ornaments off to play with them more than anything. 
Hattie is officially 6 months old! We're rounding the corner to 7 now.. She has 2 bottom teeth. A combination of the flu and the teeth have dwindled my milk supply. So we're making the switch to formula. I'm almost reluctant to type that because people are so judge-y over that but whatevs. I started baby led weaning but I'm such a freak about choking that I think I'm not quite ready for that just yet.
We saw Santa! Which was a smashing success ;). Emma schmoozed him big time, Wyatt cried, and Hattie yanked his beard. Good thing we saw one with a real beard, could have had a scene from elf on our hands. 
THE BEST AMIRITE!? Oh gosh we laughed so hard about that one. Emma asked for a doc mobile, a princess bike, and a singing Elsa. Wyatt wants a horse. Hattie just wants us to not sit her in a strange man's lap again ;)
Emma had her parent observation class this week at dance! It was the cutest thing ever. All those sweet little ladies. There was one part where they took turns dancing in a spot light to some Darius Rucker song. Emma led the way and I may or may not have teared up a bit ;). It's so cool to see her interact with girls her age. To see her be so sweet and respectful to her teachers. To see her so proud of herself. I was a beaming mama for sure.
Then we decided to get our crazy on and adventure on down to Atlanta to take the kids to ride the pink pig. I had never done it before, but Blake rode it every year as a kid. Emma was pumped until she saw the person dressed up as a pig and was terrified from then on out. It took a full ride around and the start of our second go before she enjoyed it. Wyatt waved to any and everything. Hattie clutched my hair for dear life.
Last week Emma and I made a picture illustrating the story of Christmas. I would draw half and she'd do the other half. Then as I went through the story, she would put the stickers where they went. It was so fun! And now she keeps talking about how mary and Joseph had to "sleep in a barn because the hotel was too many people" ;) 

We have another full weekend ahead of us and I have a lot of Christmas shopping left to do. I feel like this season has gone by so fast! I'm so anxious for Christmas morning! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Winner winner chicken dinner!

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Thank y'all so much for participating!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Have I mentioned how much I love toddlerhood? I mean don't get me wrong, some (most) days I feel like screaming into a pillow from frustration. But they're just so hilarious it's hard to stay mad for long. 

Emma says the most hilarious things. And it's like she doesn't even know how funny she is. We're coming out on the other side of a really really really difficult stretch so for her to just be comfortable and fun and not screaming my face off has been amazing.

Here are some of my favorite Emmisms as of late 
While watching the voice:
Me- "this girl is killing it!"
Em- "she's killing ME!"

Leaving for the gym:
Me- "bye I'll be back, I love y'all!"
Em- "WAIT! Who's going to watch us!?"
(My in laws were here so I jokingly said)
Me- "Callie can probably handle it.."
Em- "but Callie's not a people!! She's just a puppy!"

Talking to my mom about cutting Emma's hair, Emma only heard the word cutting..
"No mommy! You can't cut me up! I'll be broken forever! I'll never wear jammies or shirts!"

Playing pretend:
"Oh hello doctor? This is Emma at my house. You need to come fix Wyatt right up. He's crazy."

I just can't get over her. I love to hear the words she makes up for songs she knows. My favorite line is when she sings frozen and says "take the lemons and make through" instead of "test the limits and break through".

She is so full of life. And is really coming into her own as the oldest of the littles. And she takes that role very seriously. I love this child so very much!

Monday, November 10, 2014

breaking the silence with....a GIVEAWAY!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

fun at the fair!

Two weekends ago, we drove down to perry for the fair. Blake always talks about how much he loves it, and we haven't made it down there in the 4 and a half years we've talked about going. So this year, I decided to just load us all up and make the day trip! We tend to set the bar very low when we travel anywhere further than an hour with the kids. We take it slow, stop when they need us to, and just play it all by ear. It worked out well in the fact that we ended up leaving right at the kids nap time so they slept pretty much the whole ride. 

The weather that day was absolutely perfect. It got a little chilly once it got dark, but Blake and I were so smitten with the chill. We took the kids to look at all the show animals, and they were pretty intimidated by them. But they were still so excited! We took a short break from all the fair hype and parked it at a picnic table to eat and let the kids out of the stroller, and Hattie out of the wrap. If you follow me on instagram (@aquiverfullblog) you might have seen the video of Emma and Wyatt breaking it down at our table to some Journey playing over the speakers. HILARIOUS. Blake and I just laughed and made sure they didn't scoot too far away. All the people around us got a mighty cute show, and for free! 

^^my love for cows runs real deep. I petted every beauty I could get my hands on^^

^^this was the best they all cooperated for this picture, but I was more impressed by the lady who took it for us! it's usually a complete disaster when you ask someone to take your picture ;)^^

Hattie was a trooper the whole time just napping on and off in the wrap. We snuggled while Blake took turns taking Emma and Wyatt on rides. Tickets for those jokers go fast when you have two kids who have to be accompanied by a parent to ride! 

We stopped for a funnel cake and fried oreos (i know, our food choices are astounding sometimes. but come on, the fair!!), and Wyatt was less than thrilled. He wanted to keep riding rides. There may or may not have been a meltdown on that bench. 

On our way out, we went by the goats. Those things are too funny! They all just looked at us like, can you let us out please?! HA! 

The fair lights at night were so pretty. It turned out to be a wonderful day, and the kids really did so great. I always get a little proud when we do things like this that seem so big. I get super anxious in big crowds, so for me to say it was a good time, it must really have been ;). Nothing makes me happier than being with these people of mine. And it is SO much better when Blake is home and I have some back up! That man of mine is something else. 

We ended the night with some cheap fair junk, mainly because we refused to spend money on the games we knew we couldn't win. Moments of weakness... But the kids were happy!

Have I mentioned how much I love fall?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

4 months!

Hattie da bear (we're weird with nicknames) turned 4 months on Thursday. It's one of those things where it feels like she's been around forever. Yet it's still so crazy to me to realize I have three children. THREE! Whoa....

She's subjected to mirror selfies because we take what we can get around here. She doesn't seem to mind staring at her cute self, anyways. She rolled over from her belly to her back the other day, but she was mad when she did it and has refused to even entertain the idea since. A mama's girl through and through, and I'm diving deep into that pool since I'm rarely the preferred parent (they see me all day every day I guess). Still going strong on the hand sucking/chewing/slobbering. I'm hoping that passes soon. Her face lights up any room. She's always smiling, laughs when I lift up her arms, and loves to "talk" to big sister and brother. Her and Wyatt have a love affair and snuggle every chance they get. Emma can make her giggle faster than anyone else! Big sister perks ;)

I am soaking up every moment with you, Hattie Anne. And I'm still searching for that button that slows time down. Until I find it, all the snuggles. I love you and your joyful baby self more than I could ever muster up enough words to tell you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

our beach trip!

better late than never right?

we've been back from the beach for like a month now.... but we also kicked comcast to the curb, and started using a jetpack hotspot thing from verizon, so hello internet! back to the blogging world i go!

since we're officially into fall, why not throw out some beach pics and make everyone sigh in sadness that summer is gone? okay, here you are ;)

if you talk to emma, she will tell you about our bach house. it is, in fact, not "our" beach house and instead one we rented. but it was perfect and we want to go back immediately

the biggest goofball

she was obsessed with the beach. no fear at all! she's made major progress!

yet another ladd beach bum ;)

those pools were lifesavers!

pure joy! 

they had pictures and paintings in the house of their children and grandchildren climbing this tree. so we did it too!

and then there were five. oh how i love these people! life, thanks to God, sure is gooood.

happy humpday!