Wednesday, September 24, 2014

our beach trip!

better late than never right?

we've been back from the beach for like a month now.... but we also kicked comcast to the curb, and started using a jetpack hotspot thing from verizon, so hello internet! back to the blogging world i go!

since we're officially into fall, why not throw out some beach pics and make everyone sigh in sadness that summer is gone? okay, here you are ;)

if you talk to emma, she will tell you about our bach house. it is, in fact, not "our" beach house and instead one we rented. but it was perfect and we want to go back immediately

the biggest goofball

she was obsessed with the beach. no fear at all! she's made major progress!

yet another ladd beach bum ;)

those pools were lifesavers!

pure joy! 

they had pictures and paintings in the house of their children and grandchildren climbing this tree. so we did it too!

and then there were five. oh how i love these people! life, thanks to God, sure is gooood.

happy humpday!

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