Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday happies

I've been surprisingly chill this week despite our kid chaos. Usually by Friday I'm like, "get me outta here!" But this week has been shockingly different. I'm grateful for that. 
Emma had some suckers stashed away in her "pack pack" so I used them as bribery at the doctors office. Judge me.

Some funnies:
Wyatt- repeats basically anything we tell him. Hop on over to my Instagram where he conquers the Napoleon dynamite "yessss". He is newly obsessed with Spider-Man. "Spider-Man wipe nose. Now!" Also, he got half stuck under our bed today, tried to eat 2837754 of Emma's tiny toys, and "need to jump" off of every elevated surface. His humor is increasing. I'm in for it.

Emma- plays pretend with anything and everything. Not kidding. This morning she played a scene out of Frozen with her fingers as the characters and a banana peel as part of the situation. We had the sweetest conversation with her this week about Jesus. All on her own, too. Swoon. She's going through this thing where she thinks if she says "just a little bit" of something then we'll retract our "no" for a yes. Kinda cute, kinda frustrating. Also, her eye swelled up huge for a few days to the point of worry so to the doctor we went. No real answers. But it's better so it's all good!

Hattie- kicking my tail with her weird sleep habits this week. By this age with my other 2 I had already established sleep schedules but I cannot for the life of me get her situated. It'll come, I guess. But her smile. Gets me every time. I wish I were exaggerating, but she really lights my face up like no other.

In other news: I cut my hair off! Just below my shoulders. Post partum hair strikes again. It all falls out, my hairline resembles that of a 45 year old man... So chop chop and I'm feeling much better! It's probably my favorite thing I've done with the locks in a long time. My hairdresser is da bomb.

So HOLLER for date night over here. Adult conversation? Yes please. Sitting through an entire meal? Heck yes.

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