Friday, September 5, 2014

A big week

It's been a pretty big week over here. 
If you follow me on Instagram (@aquiverfullblog) then you'll know that my biggest started dance class this week. If I could have recorded her reaction when I dressed her and she saw herself I would have. It was hands down one of the most precious moments I've ever experienced. She was so proud, and timid, and beautiful. So excited. She's been showing us pirouettes and kick ball steps and something called the turtle all week. So. Dang. Cute. And I didn't even cry ;)

I did however pray the entire time outside of her classroom. That she would be kind towards the other girls and her teachers. That they would tread lightly on her gentle spirit. That Christ would already be working in her and set her apart to move mountains for his kingdom.

Oh motherhood...

And then my baby girl turned THREE months the same day. She loves sucking her fists and making everyone ask "is she hungry?" Trust me, she nurses all the day long. She loooooves being talked to and snuggled. She loves swinging and when Wyatt and Emma blow on her belly. I still cannot believe what a blessing of a baby she is. And she's ours. Thank you Jesus for YOUR plan and not mine. I love you more than life itself, Hattie Anne. Thank you for being such a mama's girl :)

Hope y'all have a great weekend! We're pretty full to the brim with events around here. 

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