Saturday, August 30, 2014

the happiest of birthdays for the happiest of men

when i think of you, i think of ezra in the bible and the amount of joy he exuded.
you are laughter personified. you can make the darkest moments, the brightest. you always have a joke. and never fear judgement of your silliness. all of those qualities are Christ in you. along with your steadfast leadership, unwavering work ethic, and loving demeanor. 
i have never encountered anyone who has made me feel more loved and understood. you are always in my corner. even if it's the wrong place to be. 
you can find a way to enjoy any circumstance, which is the quality i most envy about you. you are the preferred parent ;) which i completely understand.
i fall more madly in love with you every day. you keep me safe, encouraged, and happy. i am most myself whenever you're around. your conversation and company is by far my favorite of all. getting to do life with you is my most treasured aspect of life. i love the lives we've created, and the life we have together. awfully simple, awfully happy.
happy birthday to the love of my life. 31 never looked this hot!
i love you forever, puppin.

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