Saturday, August 9, 2014

a slow saturday

well today has been awfully lazy for me and the littles.
as i'm typing this wyatt is trying his best to somehow fit his batman t shirt over my laptop screen, then he proceeds to giggle himself into a fit. oh gracious this boy is a big ol' mess.

i'm going to keep it short and sweet with some pictures i got with my actual camera for once! although i'm way out of practice and this house is lacking severely in natural light, i can't help but find these so so sweet. i guess i see them through my mama rose-colored glasses.

this sums them all up perfectly in this season. hattie being loved on a little too strong by wyatt, and emma in the middle trying to regulate the situation

we got this boy some new shoes and he is so obsessed with them! a man after my own heart ;)

hope everyone's weekend is going fabulously!

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