Thursday, August 21, 2014

to the girl with the sparkly heart

i learned three years ago what it was like for your heart to leave your body. to hold something so dear to you, just loosely enough to carry the heaviest fear i've known. 

your entrance into the world was dramatic enough to set the tone for your bigger than life personality. i will never ever forget the feeling of holding for the first time, and then when i got to hold you again fresh out of the NICU. you are one of my greatest accomplishments. your smile, your laugh, your squeaky little voice lights up any room. your love for entertaining keeps me laughing. there is never a quiet moment with you around. i love how you tell me stories about everything, the way you can imagine anything, and how you radiate joy on a daily basis. you make little things, big things. in good and bad ways ;). you have changed me for the better. i pray you always feel safe, understood, and loved. i pray you do huge things for Jesus and make His name known. thank you for being the most cooperative "guinea pig" and for showing me grace in some ugly moments. you are everything beautiful, bright, sweet, and smart. i am proud to be your mommy. i love you forever, emmy lou. 

emmalynne joy ladd turned THREE yesterday. and of course our internet wasn't working. but coincidentally less blogging equals more time with my little people. so boom.

her party was on sunday with a few little friends, and all she wanted yesterday was to go to the "jump place", get a blue icee, and go to chick fil a. so we made it happen.

saw this popsicle garland on pinterest. it would have turned out perfectly had it stuck better to the brick. oh well, not quite a pinterest fail.

hattie went for a little dip ;)

we got emma a scooter for her birthday. although she was kind of more excited about the "scooter clothes" as she calls them, she's had so much fun learning to ride it!

i feel kinda sad to admit this might be our first family of five photo since hattie's been born?

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