Thursday, November 13, 2014


Have I mentioned how much I love toddlerhood? I mean don't get me wrong, some (most) days I feel like screaming into a pillow from frustration. But they're just so hilarious it's hard to stay mad for long. 

Emma says the most hilarious things. And it's like she doesn't even know how funny she is. We're coming out on the other side of a really really really difficult stretch so for her to just be comfortable and fun and not screaming my face off has been amazing.

Here are some of my favorite Emmisms as of late 
While watching the voice:
Me- "this girl is killing it!"
Em- "she's killing ME!"

Leaving for the gym:
Me- "bye I'll be back, I love y'all!"
Em- "WAIT! Who's going to watch us!?"
(My in laws were here so I jokingly said)
Me- "Callie can probably handle it.."
Em- "but Callie's not a people!! She's just a puppy!"

Talking to my mom about cutting Emma's hair, Emma only heard the word cutting..
"No mommy! You can't cut me up! I'll be broken forever! I'll never wear jammies or shirts!"

Playing pretend:
"Oh hello doctor? This is Emma at my house. You need to come fix Wyatt right up. He's crazy."

I just can't get over her. I love to hear the words she makes up for songs she knows. My favorite line is when she sings frozen and says "take the lemons and make through" instead of "test the limits and break through".

She is so full of life. And is really coming into her own as the oldest of the littles. And she takes that role very seriously. I love this child so very much!

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  1. Callie isn't a people. She's just a puppy! Emma is killing ME!