Tuesday, October 14, 2014

fun at the fair!

Two weekends ago, we drove down to perry for the fair. Blake always talks about how much he loves it, and we haven't made it down there in the 4 and a half years we've talked about going. So this year, I decided to just load us all up and make the day trip! We tend to set the bar very low when we travel anywhere further than an hour with the kids. We take it slow, stop when they need us to, and just play it all by ear. It worked out well in the fact that we ended up leaving right at the kids nap time so they slept pretty much the whole ride. 

The weather that day was absolutely perfect. It got a little chilly once it got dark, but Blake and I were so smitten with the chill. We took the kids to look at all the show animals, and they were pretty intimidated by them. But they were still so excited! We took a short break from all the fair hype and parked it at a picnic table to eat and let the kids out of the stroller, and Hattie out of the wrap. If you follow me on instagram (@aquiverfullblog) you might have seen the video of Emma and Wyatt breaking it down at our table to some Journey playing over the speakers. HILARIOUS. Blake and I just laughed and made sure they didn't scoot too far away. All the people around us got a mighty cute show, and for free! 

^^my love for cows runs real deep. I petted every beauty I could get my hands on^^

^^this was the best they all cooperated for this picture, but I was more impressed by the lady who took it for us! it's usually a complete disaster when you ask someone to take your picture ;)^^

Hattie was a trooper the whole time just napping on and off in the wrap. We snuggled while Blake took turns taking Emma and Wyatt on rides. Tickets for those jokers go fast when you have two kids who have to be accompanied by a parent to ride! 

We stopped for a funnel cake and fried oreos (i know, our food choices are astounding sometimes. but come on, the fair!!), and Wyatt was less than thrilled. He wanted to keep riding rides. There may or may not have been a meltdown on that bench. 

On our way out, we went by the goats. Those things are too funny! They all just looked at us like, can you let us out please?! HA! 

The fair lights at night were so pretty. It turned out to be a wonderful day, and the kids really did so great. I always get a little proud when we do things like this that seem so big. I get super anxious in big crowds, so for me to say it was a good time, it must really have been ;). Nothing makes me happier than being with these people of mine. And it is SO much better when Blake is home and I have some back up! That man of mine is something else. 

We ended the night with some cheap fair junk, mainly because we refused to spend money on the games we knew we couldn't win. Moments of weakness... But the kids were happy!

Have I mentioned how much I love fall?

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