Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Up to speed

I feel like I'm constantly having to update this thing. I really don't know how big bloggers find the time for this like every day! I'm struggling over here.

We all had the flu, minus Emma and Blake, but now we're all good. Colds are trying to sneak their way in here. Me and my essential oils be like... NOPE. We made the trek to get our Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago. Emma and Wyatt had a BLAST! We took a hayride too. So much fun! They've enjoyed taking the ornaments off to play with them more than anything. 
Hattie is officially 6 months old! We're rounding the corner to 7 now.. She has 2 bottom teeth. A combination of the flu and the teeth have dwindled my milk supply. So we're making the switch to formula. I'm almost reluctant to type that because people are so judge-y over that but whatevs. I started baby led weaning but I'm such a freak about choking that I think I'm not quite ready for that just yet.
We saw Santa! Which was a smashing success ;). Emma schmoozed him big time, Wyatt cried, and Hattie yanked his beard. Good thing we saw one with a real beard, could have had a scene from elf on our hands. 
THE BEST AMIRITE!? Oh gosh we laughed so hard about that one. Emma asked for a doc mobile, a princess bike, and a singing Elsa. Wyatt wants a horse. Hattie just wants us to not sit her in a strange man's lap again ;)
Emma had her parent observation class this week at dance! It was the cutest thing ever. All those sweet little ladies. There was one part where they took turns dancing in a spot light to some Darius Rucker song. Emma led the way and I may or may not have teared up a bit ;). It's so cool to see her interact with girls her age. To see her be so sweet and respectful to her teachers. To see her so proud of herself. I was a beaming mama for sure.
Then we decided to get our crazy on and adventure on down to Atlanta to take the kids to ride the pink pig. I had never done it before, but Blake rode it every year as a kid. Emma was pumped until she saw the person dressed up as a pig and was terrified from then on out. It took a full ride around and the start of our second go before she enjoyed it. Wyatt waved to any and everything. Hattie clutched my hair for dear life.
Last week Emma and I made a picture illustrating the story of Christmas. I would draw half and she'd do the other half. Then as I went through the story, she would put the stickers where they went. It was so fun! And now she keeps talking about how mary and Joseph had to "sleep in a barn because the hotel was too many people" ;) 

We have another full weekend ahead of us and I have a lot of Christmas shopping left to do. I feel like this season has gone by so fast! I'm so anxious for Christmas morning! 

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