Tuesday, January 13, 2015

a new year

Well we're a couple weeks in to the new year and I have yet to post anything.. Even as I type this I find myself struggling to write (so surprising I know...). I don't know why I feel like I'm in such a tough spot but for whatever reason, I am.

2014 was full of so much change for us. Wyatt turned one, Hattie came in June, and Emma turned three in August. Life with three littles has proven to be magical and excruciating all at the same time. Everyone warned me about terrible twos. Well two was a flippin' cake walk compared to 3. Emma turning 3 has stretched me more than I ever imagined.. I know how to parent babies, how to discipline a tantrum-throwing toddler, but this whole parenting a tiny person who can fully communicate they're very own opinion has been hard. I'm working on including her in decisions that pertain to her, and considering her opinions and perspectives. I want her to feel heard and understood and like what she thinks matters, because it totally does. I'm so used to making a decision and bam, that's it. But with Emma, that all gets reconfigured. I want to cultivate that sparkle in her eyes, not dull it. But I also want her to know that I am who she has to listen to and she doesn't  always get her way on things. Right now, that's the struggle. We're working on getting her to stay the whole night in her bed with Wyatt. In the past we've used a reward system with big things like this. The issue with that now is she expects something every time she does what is expected of her. So we're trying to teach her that's not how life works... but I also want her to come to us if she's scared and know that we'll protect her. Oh the parenting struggle. 

This is a super tough season of motherhood for me.. So that might explain the blog silence. Raising tiny people, to grow up to be strong, Christ-centered people is super hard work. And it's pretty mentally draining. I keep reminding myself that "comparison is the their of joy" and that i'm doing good work. The days are long but the years are short... ain't that the truth!

Here's to 2015! I want this year to be full of bravery and less anxiety. I want to see God move in big ways in our family. I want to keep working on my fitness ;) and speaking truth over my children. I want to keep falling in love with my husband. I want to make new friends and grow deeper roots with old ones. I want to love hard and intentionally.

Happy New Year!  

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  1. I am right there with you! This season has been a hard one, especially the power struggle with my newly turned three year old. I also had three kids in three years and it's hard having enough mommy to go around when they all need me at once. We'll gave a great day with obedience followed by a terrible day. And it's very humbling as God is working on me and my heart and perspective. Hard yes, but humbling at the same time. You're not in it alone, if that's any consolation :)