Friday, March 13, 2015


My baby man turned two on the 28th of February. We celebrated at the beach visiting our in-laws. You can see our spider-man soiree on my instagram @aquiverfullblog. I never knew what people meant when they would say "just wait until you have a baby boy. there's just something about a boy and his mama" and man were they right. I don't know if it's because he's my middle child or because he's our only boy or may both.. But he sure has a way of skirting around trouble by just looking at me with his smirky smile and saying "uh mama? I kiss you". He's painfully shy in new settings, but at home he is a straight up wild man, talking non stop. He loves playing with Emma (which is not always well received by her) and repeats everything she says and does. He looooooves him some food. Which is pretty hilarious. If he's ever in a full on meltdown (which is often of lately) I just sit him down at the table with a snack. Usually clears the issue.. He's like a snickers commercial.

Loves ninja turtles and madagascar. Obsessed with the Frosty the Snowman song. It is seriously his favorite and if anyone is every singing he puts in that request real quick. He likes to wrestle, which Hattie is on the receiving end of most of the time. She loves it. He always wants to go outside even if it's freezing and raining. 

His current favorite phrase is "don't want to" which is frustrating and funny. Funny because that's how I got him to sleep last night, by going through all the things he didn't want to do.. and he fell asleep mid list. HA! He's completely obsessed with animals. We had a random dog come up to my parents house while we were visiting this weekend and it jumped all over Wyatt's head. Once he got over that initial shock, all he wanted was to go play with that puppy. He always has his hands full of dinosaurs, horses, or trucks. Or.....snacks. 

Wyatt Boone you have surely inherited your daddy's joy for life. It makes you so happy to make us laugh. It blesses me to see that in you because it's what I love most about your daddy. I could eat your face with a spoon I love you so much. Your kind heart will be blessing and I pray every day that you will grow up knowing the Lord and be a Godly man who loves and serves others. I'm so proud to be your mama! 

I love you so much, mister big muscles! Let's make year two so much fun!

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  1. I cannot believe he is TWO already! Time really does slip away when you have littles. XOXO Wyatt!