Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Little Ladd Adventure!

So this weekend we took our littles camping for the first time! Blake and I love being outside and trying fun things together, and since we're inching in on the one year mark for Hattie, I felt like we could brave camping! So we packed up and headed out Friday night! My parents came to visit and so did Blake's. Hattie has been suffering from a sinus infection so she went back home to sleep with my parents ;) and Emma heard that Blake's parents were staying at a nearby hotel so they could come back the next day, so she begged to stay there. Basically, Wyatt, Blake, and I camped and the others just visited during the day! Ha!
We honestly had so much fun. The kids got to go fishing with their very own poles (which they promptly broke so we rigged them up to let them feel like they were really fishing). We kayaked and Wyatt crashed out there with Blake after like five minutes. It was so cute. That bubba is boy after his daddy's own heart. They love the outdoors and water. 
I got to spend a lot of precious one on one time with Emma and it felt so good to my soul! She is so caring and thoughtful, and funny! Gosh that girl is so funny. I taught her how to skip rocks and she braved the water to her knees with NO FLOATIE! I couldn't believe it! I was so proud. 
I got to finally try out some smores with Reese's! Best thing ever. You have to try it. It's not so much a part of #handoeshealthy but I couldn't pass it up. I'm back on track this week.
We straight wore them out this weekend! They were EXHAUSTED by the time we loaded up. I barely made it to the exit of the campground before they passed out in the back! And our dog, Callie, in my passenger seat was conked out too. 
I'm so glad we decided to try this! And even though 2 of them kinda chickened out on the over night, next time they'll do it! It was so much fun and such a blessing to get to spend good time with our family!

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