Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm Back!

I intended to start this new blog on mother's day but being super busy with two littles has set me back. BUT! I am so excited to back in the blog world! This new season of my life is all about thankfulness. God sure has been good to us this past year, even when we thought we were destined for failure, He has beyond provided. I have had this overwhelming feeling that God has wanted me to focus less on the world and more on Him and my family. He is pushing me to pursue the woman He has created me to be as a follower, a wife, and a mother. This being said (or typed ;) ), I came across this picture on a ministries page i follow on Facebook and it just really resonated with me. i mean...REALLY. I realized i have been so caught up with collecting THINGS: pretty and petty. These things are not what makes my life so special. So this blog is to document my most precious moments with all the ones i hold so dear to me. Here is my adventure: I am collecting moments, NOT things. Are you?

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