Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sandy feet, full heart

I've been super busy these past few weeks! Since Emma's swimming lessons (which went well, by the way) it seems we've had so much going on! Wyatt got his first ear infection, Emma and Wyatt have been sharing their cold with everyone BUT ME. Thanks Jesus for the ballin immune system 😉, and now... We are at the beach! 

I absolutely love the beach. I feel like I might have really missed my calling by not living here. If you're reading this, hubby, I'm kidding! But really....I'm obsessed with the beach. It's probably because life here is so laid back. All about spending quality time with people you love. And that is my love language in a nutshell. That, and shoes of course. Ha!

Anyways... I'm currently reading "glimpses of grace: treasuring the gospel in your home" and it is wrecking me. Praise God for this book in this season of my life. God is so personal and so near and only wants us to listen and live like he commands us to. I'm working on a post dedicated solely to what I've taken from the book so far.

So, hope everyone is enjoying their week! We'll be sandy til Saturday! 

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