Monday, August 12, 2013

mama moments

ok. time is slipping away from me lately. i blink and another month has gone by! it is AUGUST! and almost halfway through august, at that! stupid crazy. i'm squeezing in this post while both kids are STILL napping. just wanted to post to say we're good and growing up like crazy over here! wyatt boone is rolling all over now like a mad man. emma is paci-less AND going potty. her vocabulary is expanding hourly! i'm such a proud mama, y'all. but yet, a sad mama. they're both getting so big so fast i feel like i frantically batting at these fleeting moments just to get any kind of grasp to keep it still. to freeze time. to keep them exactly how they are at this so precious stage in both their lives.

and as for my husband. God has been doing major things in our marriage. he has us on the exact same page with him right now. he is showing us the fruit of running the race together, and man is it good. that man of mine has the most beautiful heart, he keeps me laughing, which in turn keeps us both sane. it's a good feeling...being so in love. that makes a lot of people nauseous i know. but i'm not sorry ;)

been struggling to find the time to keep reading "glimpses of grace" and i'm truly missing it. STILL working on that post too but i'll give y'all some nuggets from what i've highlighted so far:

"your private prayer life is one of the key indicators that your Christianity is inner and true and not just the product of your environment"- Tim Keller
 -- i find myself praying over everything lately. seriously, i wonder if God is like "ok han, i get it. give me a moment to process your others first" haha. but really, i think that's what he desires from us as well. that's what makes it a relationship instead of rules or earnings. it's your lifeline to God through your faith in Christ. so cool.

"God's power in the gospel can transform us for his glory as we live by faith-right where we are in the mundane of our homes...he has made us in his likeness of true righteousness and holiness (ephesians 4:24). the grace of God radically changes us. but how does He change the way we wash the same dishes every day?"
 -- so. dang. good. y'all.

"through his work of grace, God changes the dynamics of our hearts so that we long to be with him. God also provides the power we need to be like him"

here are some scriptures to go along with those excerpts

philippians 3:9
ephesians 2:8
colossians 3:23-24

mondays really aren't so bad, huh?


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  1. thanks for sharing these scriptures for me to check out - sadly we haven't been to church EVERY Sunday like we should, but I love being able to bust out our bible and read with the kids whenever possible. and you go girl giving your hubby props for being a good man - i love mine too and don't care who knows it!! would love for you to stop by my blog and let me know what you think - we have the mommy thing in common!!

    Hugs, Jennifer