Tuesday, October 22, 2013

scrub a dub, two littles in the.....sink?

so our house is officially no longer our house. it's sold, and we are moved in over at camp ladd. so far, so good! i am the least organizationally minded person like ever, so i'm sure blake is not pleased with my progress in unpacking. thankfully, he doesn't voice it but rather instead helps and gets the ball rolling. i'm grateful for his type a personality ;). we'll get it together eventually. i really mean I will get it together eventually.

saturday we went to the pumpkin patch with some of our friends and their littles. it was rainy, and due to that awful misty/funky weather i looked a hot mess. and i forgot my camera. so once i get a hold of some of those pics, i'll blog them. but for now, these cuties will have to suffice.

wyatt got a spontaneous bath in the sink last night, so naturally, emma wanted one too. in she went. and they LOVED it. he was so excited that she was next to him! they're such a mess, those two.. but they're my mess and i couldn't be more proud to be their mama.

so here's to our new chapter! hope y'all have a happy tuesday!

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  1. Cute babies. Sinks are the best for bath time :) Happy that your house sold! Love you!