Thursday, October 10, 2013

lions, and tigers, and (panda) bears! oh my!

WOO life has been pretty crazy for us lately. there's a post coming on all of that soon enough... but more importantly, on sunday, our sweet friends emily, rico, and their precious little boy cole, invited us to the zoo with them! emma was beyond excited if you couldn't guess. she is obsessed with pandas these days and getting to be up close and personal with one? toddler heaven.

we had such a good time and emma always loves being with cole! all week she has told me about "going to the zoo, see pandas with my cole!" her cole. if this is any indication of her teenage years, Lord help us. i kid.. we know blake will scare away all the boys. and we'll arrange her marriage, when she's 75. ha! i love getting to spend time with other couples and their kids. so sunday, you were a good day.

this week, both kids are sick. and i am beyond worn out and it's thursday. it IS thursday right? ;)

here are some snapshots of our day at the zoo! (shutter speed is really kicking my tail in picture taking. i'm sure you can tell by the blurriness)

i mean.... how stinking cute are they? and wyatt, always going with the flow, that one. precious baby man.

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