Monday, September 30, 2013

tea parties and panda bears

it was such a blessing reading everyone's sweet encouraging comments about the last post. a lot of times i don't feel like anyone actually reads this, and that's ok if they don't. but it truly means so much to me to know that some actually do. i value people and relationships, and mostly conversation. so this blog is such a fun way to have all of those things in one!

today was a fun day! i got to snap some photos of emma having a tea party with wyatt and nanny. it was the sweetest thing. then we took a little break from the fancy festivities to let baby man swing. he is so joyful, that boy. and they are both so stinkin funny together.

after naps, we played zookeeper. emma is obsessed with everything panda lately, and one of the tea sets she plays with is noah's ark which has 2 pandas in the window. so after she put on her costume, she kept babbling in her tiny precious voice about pandas. mommy to the rescue with the panda cam at zoo atlanta! her. day. was. made. seriously, the happiest two year old i ever did see.

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