Friday, September 20, 2013


well... our house is OFFICIALLY under contract. we are moving out! in all honesty, i'm going to miss having our own space a lot. just somewhere to call our own, somewhere to completely be ourselves. but this is just a season, so i will make the most of any situation! God calls us to find happiness in every season under the sun. so we will. the silver lining to this is- we are one small step closer to being out of debt! stupid student loans.... anyways, life is good over here! we've been staying with my in-laws because, have YOU ever tried to keep a house spotless, toys up, dog away when your realtor calls and wants to show said house twice every other day? it's exhausting. so we've set up camp at the big ladd house. thank you Lord for blessing me with such wonderful in-laws. most people would be crazy by now. but not us! they put up with the crying, tantrums, princess dresses, toys and spit-up galore and seem happy about it! so once again, i'm thankful for this season.

this stage that emma is in right now, might seriously be my favorite. everything is so magical to her and she is so fun! not to mention, her manners! (proud mama right here) she says please and thank you for EVERYTHING! i sewed her a skirt yesterday, it's something I've been dying to try forever so i finally bit the bullet. while wyatt was napping i let her help me lay out the fabric. as i was cutting it she kept getting so exciting yelling "YAY mommy!" then i started sewing it and she kept coming over just to rub my back and say "wow, mommy! thank you! thank you very much for me skirt!" i died. right there. ugh, her cuteness.

and for my baby man! he is sitting up! he's almost ready to crawl and part of me wants him not to.. this 6-9 months baby stage is my favorite! he is SO funny. seriously the funniest baby. the way he gets so pumped up and flexes and grunts and kisses. it's the most precious thing. he hates veggies and LOVES fruits. he wants to eat whatever we're eating and does not understand why he can't have it. my sensitive little baby man.

so now for pictures!

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  1. You had a beautiful house. Our Realtor sent it to us and when I looked at the pictures, I knew it was your house from the LADD on the wall :)
    It was awesome, but further out from Villa Rica than we wanted. Loved the privacy though.


    -Emily Duncan