Monday, July 21, 2014

life lately!

wow! i haven't blogged in over a month! i promise it's not for lack of trying! the internet here is pretty much the pits, and when it does actually work it cuts off as soon as it thinks one of us needs to use it.

anyhow.... life has been packed with crazy in our parts! hattie anne turned a month old and is about to round the corner to 2 months! time is really flying away from me. i've really been trying to make it a point to enjoy every moment. even the hard ones, like having thrush (OUCH.), because it all just goes so fast before you know it.

lets do a little recap.
this boy. he is starting to talk up a storm. most of it we don't understand. equal parts adorable and frustrating.

emma has officially given up pull-ups, and has yet to have any accidents in the bed. and she turns 3 in a month. i can't even deal.

hattie's first full day!

this man takes his baby snuggles seriously. and i know i might be kind of biased, but he's basically the hottest man ever. and he's holding our newborn child. swoon.

giving instructions as usual

they have really fallen in love with hattie. always wanting to hold and kiss her. they never want to be away. and although i'm pretty sure they take their jealous feelings out on each other, i still see so much love in them it makes me cry.

the day she turned a month old! isn't she beautiful?

emma's imagination has really taken off lately. i'm so impressed by the things she comes up with in her little mind. this age is so fun!

hattie is seriously a dreamboat of a baby. content, alert, wakes up once a night *usually*. life is crazy, but it is so full of good. God's grace is ever present in our life and i could not be more grateful!

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