Tuesday, August 25, 2015

some random thoughts for your tuesday

There happens to be a crap ton (yes i just internet-ed that) of randomness swirling around in my head, so what better place to dispose of them than my blog?! I'll preface all of them with…you're welcome. ;)


How is this the last week of august??? whaaaaaa. I love fall, because sweaters and jeans. But I have so enjoyed my summer with the kids. We've really gotten in a groove of just being together and adventuring every now and then, so I'll be sad to see it end when Emma goes back to school.

But even if it stays in the low 80's with this breeze, I'm good.


I really miss having a house. Just throwing that tiny bit of pity out there. Praying God works on my contentment issues.

We finished our Naptime Diaries Abide study and it was the jam. such a breath of fresh air! Now our women's ministry at church is about to start Breaking Free by my favorite woman, Beth Moore. SO looking forward to it!

Wyatt seems so grown to me lately. He's talking about all the things all the time. Someone else talking about all the thing all the time, to no exaggeration….Emma. BLESS. She also turned FOUR last week. I'm preparing that sappy post. Warn your tear ducts.

Hattie is teething fiercely and it's making her sick. Absolutely pitiful. Teething is of satan. It's got to be.


The Gather Project is a total legitimate thing now. The date is october 8th. If you're reading this and planning on coming, PLEASE comment. I would really love to know! We have been in such deep prayer over this whole deal. And I struggle daily/hourly with whether or not I feel equipped to handle this. I'm leaning in so hard to Jesus and trusting it's all of Him. Nothing of me but my yes on the table. We have such good friends who have signed on to help and serve and pray in any way. I cannot even begin to describe how incredible it's been to see God orchestrate all of this.

Hope your Tuesday is not ruined by my ramblings!

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