Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Catch up and goals for 2016

I didn't realize how long I've neglected writing until just now! In full disclosure, I'm honestly not too terribly sure where I'm wanting to go with blogging anymore. I'm in a bit of a spat with the internet. I LOVE blogs. And instagram. I really really do. I just want everyday life to be celebrated a bit more. I want to see "perfect" people post grainy, non-curated photos just because it's one that makes them happy. I want to see more people celebrating their lives for what they are, not just for being hip or fancy. I, personally, really just want all of this for myself. I want to care less about what the internet might think or do. I want to be so content with the season God has me in. I want all aspects of my 2016 to feel worshipful. Maybe come January I'll write something about that. Who knows. Not me that's for dang sure.

So obviously I'm in a weird place. I'm just trying to lean in to the Lord and listen to where He wants me.

To catch up a little bit, I posted about The Gather Project last, and I am so proud (but not prideful) to say that we have had TWO gatherings since that post! I love that the women have coined the phrase calling them gatherings. It blesses me big time. The first one was in October, and when I tell you it was words could never do it justice. I truly feel like God blessed us with as much a piece of heaven as you can have on Earth. When I think about the sound of all those women's voices singing praise, it gives me chills. So then we got to do another one in December. It's just been such a huge honor for God to let us do this in our area. It will never get old! December was a hard month for me and Jesus. We've moved, which happened to be the week of The Gather Project. Terrible timing. Not sparing any shame, I truthfully just wasn't in the Word like I like to be. So my attitude and all-around life really reflected that. It was a tough month, and I'm looking forward to a fresh start. I had started, and put on hold, the Open Your Bible study by She Reads Truth (pretty ironic huh?). I'm really excited to pick that back up!

My prayers for 2016 are these:
Contentment- I just want to be thankful and at peace with where I am. I've written that a bunch, and I feel like I'm not wanting for more, I just love to stay in a place of gratitude. (Colossians 3:15-17)
Focus- I feel called to my husband and children before I'm called to serve elsewhere, and sometimes I get that mixed up a bit because everyday life doesn't always seem like service as much as it seems like necessity. But I want to focus on loving my family and serving them biblically and lovingly as much as God allows in 2016.
Gentleness- Bless. Just typing that I'm thinking "Lord are you sure You put gentleness on my prayer list?!" But alas, He did. I feel like I severely lack in gentleness. And those shortcomings are evident in my relationships. I'm not entirely sure how to be more gentle in speech and attitude? But I do know that My Father never lets me down when He calls me up to something. He provides every single time. (1 Peter 3:4)

I feel super thankful for all God has done for me and my family in 2015. It was a year of freedom for me! Which is really cool to see since I prayed for that at the beginning of the year! I want to hem into His Spirit more and more. I want to teach my children what it looks like to love Jesus and live without fear. I got see God give me a huge vision AND fulfill it! Here's to trusting Him to do abundantly more with this next year!


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