Thursday, January 7, 2016

han does healthy

So first I'd like to throw out a formal apology to the internet. One of my best friends sent me a picture after my post and it said "I think I ovary acted" which is probably the best thing I have seen. Lotta truth there, folks.

Anyways, I'm learning that the problems and frustrations I have with the internet are often rooting from some unresolved feelings I've held back from the Lord. It's not about everyone else. So I'm back to staying in my own lane. SWERVE. (miiiight have just lost all of my 3 followers. it's cool)

My favorite thing about staying in my own lane? Room for improvement. If you follow me on instgram (@aquiverfullblog), you've probably seen my hashtag #handoeshealthy. I started it a little over a year ago maybe? It was a little way of tracking my milestones/changes. I want to do some longer Han Does Healthy posts here, for more in depth stuff like freedom from body image issues, easy healthy recipes, workouts I'm doing, etc. Mainly as a way of keeping myself accountable and seeing my progress.

My friend Courtney (@lifeashappycampers) asked me to help her out with a faith and fitness challenge this month. She gave me some shakeology (I'm hooked) and I'm doing t25. It's been tough but 25 minutes a day and workout complete? SOLD. Here's a fun recipe that I tried today! Let me just say.... DELICIOUS. Obviously I used chocolate chips because I didn't have dried cranberries (judge me), and I used soy milk and peanut butter instead of almond milk and almond butter. I could eat the whole batch... but I won't. That's poor stewardship ;)

Happy healthy thursday!

grace + peace,

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