Friday, November 29, 2013

Clear eyes, full hearts...can't lose

It's very rare that we keep up with shows. But Friday night lights, we were straight up obsessed with. When I was pregnant with Emma, Blake would get home from work and we'd eat dinner then get in bed and watch it for the rest of the night. So lazy and it was awesome. So there's a little random reference for you.

This post has nothing to do with tv, and everything to do with the opposite of tv (if that's a thing?). Anyways.... We got out for a little fresh air today. I've been itching to get out of the house but my car is in the shop so I guess I'm stuck. No worries though. The littles and I took a walk, rolled around in the leaves, and played on our swing set. Some days you just gotta clear your head and quit telling your kids no, ya know? Whatever Emma wanted to do outside, we did. And Wyatt just wanted to lick leaves. I let him try it, however, he was unimpressed.

Happy Wednesday! Tell someone you love them today!

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