Thursday, December 19, 2013

life lately

so here are some updates:
-we can't shake sickness. emma passed a stomach virus onto to me which led my pregnant self to the emergency room. so/not/awesome. luckily it has skipped blake and wyatt and i'm praying so fervently that it does not come back around.
-wyatt is pulling up and walking around on things. mostly around the coffee table, but it's a start! and boy is he a mess. he leaves me so exhausted at the end of every day. but then he gives me that slobbery toothy grin with his scrunched up nose and i'm a puddle. that's motherhood for ya.
-we saw santa! and emma did much better this year! but wyatt was not a fan of everyone trying to get his attention. such a sensitive bubba..
-emma has been so precious lately. i've prayed over her for a good attitude and for her to be able to make good choices with her behavior and God is really blessing that lately. she has been so sweet and i haven't seen a whole lot of fits from her lately. my sweet girl :)
-i FINALLY feel like working out. i don't feel so sick and nauseous anymore so i'm getting back to walking and jogging and man it feels awesome. i've also been more cautious of what i put in my body, so i think that helps a lot too.

sunday we took emma to see disney junior live! we left early to do some last minute christmas shopping and we told emma we would stop and get her an amulet to wear for when she saw sofia. my sister got her one for christmas but in typical toddler fashion, it's already broken/got thrown away. we ventured into the disney store and i can't tell you who was more excited, me or emma! so magical. glad we stopped there too because our $9 necklace was $24 at the show.

i had some strong opinions towards letting my kids watch princess junk because i fear so much of it leans towards sassiness and being disrespectful, plus entitlement issues. but emma and princess sofia have softened me up big time. sofia is all about learning lessons, treating people kindly, and respecting your parents. she is precious, and emma loves her.

Emma gets super reserved and quiet in big situations (i think she gets that from me). so she was blown away when sofia came on stage. and when i didn't think she couldn't be any more excited, CINDERELLA made an appearance. the look on emma's face was pure joy. i cried. seriously, i did. seeing my daughter so happy and in awe was heart warming for me. i pray she one day finds that same joy in Christ as her daddy and I have.

here are some pictures from sunday!

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