Tuesday, January 7, 2014

christmas and new year!

is it sad i miss christmas already? because i do. it's just always such a sweet time with family. we spend all of our time together (only slightly interrupted every now and then by duck hunting). there is nothing i love more than just hanging out with blake and our littles. we had some family pictures taken by simply sarah for christmas! despite the weather being absolutely awful, and my hair looking a hot mess, i think they turned out beautifully.

wyatt LOVED christmas! he was so excited by the whole experience, and emma helped him unwrap his presents. emma was so overwhelmed by the fact that she actually got what she asked santa for. it was so precious. we tend to try not to over-do christmas for them because i think it gets wasteful when you get your kids so much stuff that they can't even play with it all. but they were both so precious and excited.

then new years happened and the flu came to visit. first it hit emma, and blake was out of town, so i stayed with my parents for help. she was so pitiful. wyatt got it about 2 days later. luckily we were able to get them to the doctor in time for it to be taken care of with medicine. so our new years eve was spent at home with 2 sick babies. we had serious cabin fever so we loaded up in the car and went to get milkshakes. when that didn't work out, we headed to sonic for snacks and drove around downtown where they were doing the nugget drop, and then we came back home. we celebrated with a kiss at midnight as the four of us snuggled all together. despite the circumstances, it will always be one of my favorite memories! blake and i constantly thank God for blessing us through each other and our kids, and our families.

i tend not to make resolutions as much as purposes or goals for each new year. last year i prayed to be more merciful, so i could love people more. i feel like God is growing me in that area more and more. this year i want to be healthier, for myself and my family. i want to be a good steward of my health. also, i want to just be more aware of God's presence. to be still and know he is always near, so i should stress less.

happy new year from my family to yours!

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