Tuesday, January 28, 2014

snow in georgia!

so in the south, we're just a big ol' joke when it comes to inclement cold weather. it'll drop to like, 35 degrees and every grocery store within a 30 mile radius will be out of bread and milk. it's hilarious.

naturally, when sweet little glenn burns mentioned snow in the forecast this week, i scoffed in response. yeah right, buddy. keep dreaming. but when my mother in law ran upstairs to tell us it was indeed snowing, i had to see for myself! and i grabbed my camera, of course. wyatt was about to go down for a nap so he was a little less enthused than emma. she was so excited! she asked me to make a snowman, like olaf from frozen. there wasn't a whole lot on the ground yet so we scraped some off the tahoe and made a mini version, then fed it to callie ;)

it's REALLY coming down now! there are very few times when i love to be wrong, this is one of them! it's so gorgeous! the roads are dangerous, but the snow is a dream! i can't wait to take wyatt out in it when he wakes up! more pictures to come. here's what i snapped so far! hope y'all are staying warm and safe today!

coming down snowily but surely (see what i did there?)

just casually chatting about their first snow experience ;)

the prettiest pup i ever did see! she loves the snow!

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