Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Making memories

Blake and Emma went on their first (of many) daddy/daughter date! He took her to see "frozen". So in preparation of any time you go out with a good lookin man, what kinda mama would I be if I didn't take her to pick out an outfit?! I asked her what she wanted to wear and she said "a purple dress like Sofia!" Well she has an actual dress up Sofia dress, but she insisted "NO, mommy. Purple dress LIKE Sofia". So I took her to target for her to pick something out on her own. She was so excited the whole way there and fell asleep last minute! So I put her in a cart and strolled around while she napped. When she woke up, she got to work picking out what she wanted. And she did GOOD. 

I love that Blake is dating our daughter. I want her to know what to expect in a man and to me he is such a great, Godly example of that. He was so precious too. The excitement and pride was radiating out of his face. Proud mama right here y'all. 

Anyways, I feel like an issue in girls nowadays is that they settle on a guy because they think they're expectations are too unrealistic to ever be met. So I pray that by Blake taking Emma out, listening to her, and showing her Jesus in him, that she realizes that it's ok to set the bar high. Because it's supposed to be! The bible says a woman on Godly character is worth far more than rubies. I hope we always raise her to believe His truth.

I'm looking forward to being able to take Wyatt out once he's a little older too!
Do y'all do special one on one outings with your littles? 


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