Friday, January 10, 2014

less is more

so i feel like God has been doing some major work in my heart lately about living with less. and on less.

blake and i have made a lot of financial changes lately to be in a better position in the future. and it has not been easy. and we are learning that despite our efforts, what we need the most growth in is discipline. while we hold each other accountable, we can't seem to make ourselves do the things we really need to do repetitively. it's something I'm praying hard about this year.

God has been speaking through things in my life to get my attention about living with less. a couple of weeks ago our pastor mentioned a thing we all do when we get married. we look for a house, and we find out whats the most we could afford in a house. and we go for that. but what if we cut that number in half? what if we looked for a lot less and were able to really impact the kingdom with the extra? it hit me. and it hit blake too. we haven't started looking of another house yet, and i feel like we aren't ready yet. i feel that looking right now will only make us discontent in where we are right now. and i know for sure that is not what God wants from us right now. do i miss having my own home? of course. i miss decorating, and having my own cabinets of my own dishes. shopping for my own groceries, and cooking our my own dinners. but that is nothing compared to the blessing we are receiving by being able to stay with my in laws right now. we may never have an opportunity like this again, and it is truly helping us. so with improvement, comes sacrifice.

i've felt so strongly about living with less clothes, less toys, less "stuff" in general. now this doesn't mean i won't buy new clothes, or toys or decorations for my home. it just means that with the new, the old will be phased out to those who have none. and i don't really believe in giving people the old that is filthy, stained, and torn. just because they're in need doesn't mean they deserve our worst.

i'm so excited to see what God is going to do in our family this year. i feel a stirring and that is always SUCH an exciting thing. to know God is near and working. it's what i pray for daily. he listens and wants us to want him.

what are some ways you would like to grow this year? do you live with less? could you?

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