Thursday, January 30, 2014

what i've learned from my wedding

wednesday was our 3 year anniversary. i know 3 years doesn't really seem very long to a lot of people, but i'm so proud of us and where we are.

marriage nowadays seem so wrapped up around pinterest with giant diamonds, a lace mermaid dress, and one heck of a reception. while none of those things are bad necessarily, i think women are getting so caught up in a dream wedding and forgetting about a dream marriage. because when all the decorations are gone, when the dress is boxed up, when you get back from an exotic honeymoon, you have to dive in to marriage. and that could be weird.

on our first date blake and i had dinner at a delicious mexican restaurant (my fave) where the server dumped a pitcher of sweet tea in my lap and purse. then a spider fell in my food. after i told him i thought going to a movie on a first date was ridiculous to me (which apparently was his plan) we decided to just drive around. we talked about everything! i will never forget when he said he believed that a relationship should be a man always pursuing a woman the way jesus pursues us. and if that ever stopped, you'd have a problem. i fell in love right.that.instant. we have not been perfect, but choose each other every day. we choose to be in love, to respect each other, to do life together in complete honesty.

our wedding was not perfect by any means, but it was perfect to me. and at the end of the day, i married the man i always knew was out there but never thought i'd get.

my man leads with dignity and integrity. he is always on my team. he listens to every crazy thing i have to say and sets me straight most delicately when i need it. he always knows what to say to make me laugh, he sees my strengths, and encourages me when i feel like i can't do anything right. his smile is my favorite thing to see, his laugh my favorite thing to hear. he knows every side of me and loves me the same. if there were ever a person to love me the way jesus does, it's him. he is my safety, the most comforting place i know. i could never imagine my life without him and every day is better because he's in it. blake is my absolute best friend and if he weren't, there is no way our marriage would work. it hasn't always been easy. yes we have struggled. but we love each other through it all while keeping our eyes on christ and that has made all the difference.

happy anniversary to my babe. you have made me a better woman, i am so grateful for you!

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  1. What a beautiful post, loved reading this:).