Sunday, February 2, 2014

beachin it

in the three years that blake and i have been married, we have never been on a real trip by ourselves. i say a real trip meaning one that doesn't involve work. our first year we went to DC for a trade show for the company blake worked for at the time, and we extended it a bit by adding a day in baltimore. but blake was so busy with work stuff that the trip was really more of me walking around DC in the blazing heat while he shmoozed people ;)

so this year we decided to not do anniversary gifts and take off for the weekend to one of our favorite spots, seaside! technically we stayed a little outside of seaside (we're folks on a budget!) but we spent most of our time there. 

i absolutely love the small town, beach feel of 30a. it's so relaxed and the people are always so friendly. we go every summer, so it was a fun change of pace to go in the off season. we walked around the bookstore, where i added some classics that blake had never read to our collection, and drank glass bottled cokes while we taste-tested at the farmer's market. it was so so so nice to be alone together. i would encourage any of you to take a small trip alone with your husband if you can! it was such a blessing to me!

blake is my biggest encourager. and we love to dream together. a lot of that gets lost in the day to day chasing after littles and cooking, and cleaning. i think we needed that time to just feel like our sappy little lover selves sans babes. but oh my gosh were we missing them! this was the first time i have ever left our kids for more than a day! talk about stressing a mama out... but i did ok, they did ok, and blake was patient with me ;) when we got home, we surprised the kids with their gifts we picked out for them: mermaid stickers and a twilight sparkle for emma, and a tractor and barn set for wyatt, and wyatt surprised us with HIS FIRST STEPS!

y'all i teared up. my baby man is not a baby. he is becoming a toddler. how sweet and sad all at the same time! but he sure was cute stumbling to me from his daddy's arms. he smothered us in grins and kisses. as i lay here next to emma she reaches up to give me a big hug and kiss, and whispers "i so glad you're back mommy" me too, baby girl. together is my favorite place to be.

hope everyone had a great weekend!

i mean, this guy. i'm kinda obsessed with him ;)

thank you self timer!

23 weeks!

the bikes are my favorite!

those pops of red against gorgeous!

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