Tuesday, February 18, 2014

what i learned from my two year old

lately i think jesus has been teaching me about forgiveness through my 2 year old. some days i'm just plain ugly yet i try to teach her what it means to treat people nicely. but....monkey see, monkey do. and although i have the authority to discipline her bad behavior, i can't blame her actions when mine are not so different. it is a strange accountability, and i am really grateful for it.

i think jesus has been trying to urge me to just love more. to judge less and just love people. we all think we have all the answers. and it is so off-putting. what's even worse is we use the bible as a blanket to cover up our personal opinions. i'm so bad about forming an opinion and calling it "biblical". but we can't hide our actions. you can't say you love people but then make fun of them for what they do or how they live. guilty.

last week i had a day where i just snapped about everything. nothing moved fast enough, nothing made me happy. it was disgusting. as i got emma into bed i prayed for a better day and His response to me? apologize to her. um do you know how humbling it is to apologize to a toddler for your bad attitude? and what's even more humbling is when she forgives you. i mean what a perfect picture of christ. for your child to hold your face and say "it's otay mommy. it's accident. lub you mommy" just shows what a precious spirit she has, and it's everything i want to be. i want to love everyone unconditionally like that. to just put my feelings aside and forgive them because i love them.

i'm so grateful for this season where i get to be home with my babes every day. we stress a lot about finances, and we don't get to do as much as we'd like.. but the reward of time and influence with our kids as they grow so quickly is more than i could ever ask for.

so i'm putting into practice what i so graciously learned from my toddler. just say, "it's ok" and give someone a second chance. maybe they don't deserve it, but i didn't either. my God is in the business of second chances, and i want to be an ambassador of that.

hope your tuesday was as beautiful as ours!

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