Tuesday, January 21, 2014

emmisms and booboos

emma is at that age where she says the craziest, most hilarious things. i'm trying to keep them written down so she can have them one day.

the other night i was showing her my belly and telling her about the baby in there. then i noticed a piece of skin in my belly button (too much info? sorry...) i was scratching at it and emma started hollering "mommy!? are you trying to get your baby out?!" blake and i died.

[with instructions to candy land] "mommy these 'structions say you not drink dat sun juice" (capri sun)

"come on mommy. time to go home. my daddy is gonna be so worried about me"

[sitting on the floor with callie, grabs her face] "callie you're a genius!"

she seriously keeps us laughing!

yesterday was too gorgeous here to stay inside, so we went to the playground when wyatt got up from his nap. we haven't been since it's gotten cold and wyatt has been big enough to play. despite all of the fun things to do, the man was obsessed with wood chips... i thought i had cleared his hands but when he was crawling on the playground he slipped and shanked himself in the chin. he started bleeding and screaming! i tried not to freak out.. turns out it was a big show for a little scrape. but it was his first legit booboo! i haven't been present for any scrapes or bang-ups with emma. strange right? my poor mother in law...

hope y'all are having a great tuesday already!
i'm wrapping this up due to the 2 tiny people hanging on my legs demanding my attention.

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