Wednesday, March 5, 2014

40 days with jesus

one of my favorite bloggers over at nap time diaries wrote a post about lent not too long ago and stirred my heart. i have never given anything up, especially not for lent. a lot of times it seemed silly to me that people just picked stuff to quit. i guess i just saw it like, um jesus didn't just quit sweets, it was way harder than just not drinking a coke or checking instagram. but i guess i never really got it.

i've prayed for our finances for a long time. and prayed for them in all the wrong ways, apparently. it hit me today when i was thinking about ash wednesday and what it all means. it isn't just about giving something up. i mean it is, but it's more about seeking him. God is bigger than all of my things. jesus dealt with some serious temptation. for a long durn time. and sought God. in his weakest moments, when he wanted to give up, he sought the Lord. his cup was too much bear, and God took that weakness and traded it for his strength. the bible tells us that his strength is made perfect in our weakness.

over the next 40 days i plan to give up unnecessary spending. obviously i'll buy gas/pay bills/groceries. but the other stuff like lipstick at target, new clothes for the kids, that stuff i will opt out on. little things add up in to big things, and leave you with a pile of stuff and less money to work with for the kingdom.

i plan to spend the next 40 days intimately with jesus. in God's word. when i see something i want to buy, i'll pray about it. i'll ask for strength like jesus did in the garden.

i want my time with jesus to matter. i feel like God is at work in mine and blake's lives and i'm excited to dedicate this time to hearing from Him. i'm excited to really tune in.

are you participating in lent? if so, what are you giving up?

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