Sunday, March 2, 2014

wyatt is ONE!

oh man. on friday, my sweet baby man turned one. let me tell you, nothing makes a mama more emotional than for her baby (be it the first, or the last) to turn one. it is a journey out of babyhood and into toddlerhood. so many changes.

this first year of wyatt's life taught me so much. to be patient (still a work in progress), and to just be still and enjoy.

wyatt boone,
you have stretched me and grown me more than i ever thought a baby could. through all of the sleepless nights and days, the fussiness, the giggles, you have been joy. from the moment you made your first appearance, you had me hooked. there's something a boy does to his mama, and i assume it's somewhat similar to what blake describes as what emma did to him.

i have prayed over you since the day i found out about you. i have prayed, and still pray, that you will grow up to be a steadfast man of God. that he would consume your heart and passion, that you would be a friend to everyone and truly love people. i love the way you greet me and callie with a growl every morning from your crib. the way you lean in so gently for a kiss, then lay your head on my shoulder turns me into a puddle. your giggle when you find the fake hamburger patty in your play kitchen keeps me laughing. i know i'm not the best at waking up, and i have often seemed frustrated, but those mid-night snuggles and feedings are something i'll treasure forever.

you're walking, kind of talking, and making everyone laugh with your silliness. i love being your mama, and i can't wait to see you grow each year! (i really can wait. take it slow, ok?)

i love you forever, my baby man. happiest of birthdays.


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  1. ah! super cute! love the little blue cake!

    -j xxxox