Tuesday, April 22, 2014

easter shenanigans

we're all recovering from our easter high. a full day, no naps, lots of candy, that makes for two very grumpy babies and one very worn out mama. but it was a gorgeous weekend and i have no complaints.

i love holidays because it is time solely with my favorite people! and easter is my most favorite. a weekend to reflect on Jesus' sacrifice and worship him for defeating death and allowing me to live with him eternally. so good.

sunday we went to church, and after we headed to blake's family shindig.

funny side note: we love asking emma what she learns about at church. how she interprets the lessons is hilarious! so this is what we got on sunday.. "emma what did you learn in church today?" emma: "the king spanked jesus bottom! jesus not in the cave anymore! they cried." oh, that girl...

if i haven't mentioned it before, blake's family is ginormous. his mom is one of 6 and they each have several kids who also have several kids. so it is cousin central, and it couldn't be more awesome! emma loves getting to play with her older cousins. she came in second place for the little egg hunt, wyatt was doing well until he spotted a giant bouncy ball and gave up. that boy is a mess. after that, we spent the rest of the day at my parents house. my dad found a bunch of kayaks and a canoe that only needed small repairs, so he and blake finished the last one on satuday. sunday they were super anxious to get them out, and it was so pretty! although 8 months pregnant, i couldn't resist getting out on the lake too. it was a pretty ridiculous sight seeing me trying to get in and out of that kayak, but it was worth the struggle just getting out on the water for a little bit! emma got her first kayak ride too! wyatt will have to wait just a little while longer.

all in all, easter was a smashing success :) the multiple naps we've had this week to recover aren't too shabby either! happy tuesday friends!

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