Friday, April 25, 2014

Springtime in my soul

Oh how sunshine is good for a pregnant soul. Sometimes trying to make your kids be nice and love each other can really wear ya out. Even more so when you've been stuck inside for 28494927 months.

I've surrendered control to The Lord in a lot of areas of my life lately, and just basking in the springtime that is taking place in my heart. I'm spending my time weeding out the ugly, uprooting the bitter, and planting His promises deeper than before. Bless springtime. 

Yesterday was a glorious day here, and we spent it at the zoo with some of our church friends. I feel ridiculously blessed to get to walk alongside a group of women who are in the same seasons of motherhood, or a little bit ahead of me. They all teach me and encourage me more than they probably realize. Also, it's really great to hear "it gets better" instead of the "you're going to have your hands full" that I usually get from just about everyone. PSA: not the best thing to tell a stay-at-home-mama who is 8 months pregnant and constantly toting around 2 kids 2&under by herself constantly. You may think I'm crazy, but God tells me I can do this. So thank you for the wide eyes, but I am so grateful to get to do life with women who lift me up in those areas.

Last year not long after Wyatt was born, I took Emma on a date to the zoo. There is a splash fountain there (which she calls a "water spout"). Anyways, I thought she would have loved it, and boy was I dead wrong. She has been utterly terrified of that thing for over a year now. Well yesterday I thought I'd take her new bathing suit and Wyatt's, in hopes that if she saw her big girl friends do it that she would too. All morning long she kept saying "I not do the water spout mommy. Peez no water spout" I was surprised she even remembered. But when it was time, she wanted to put her suit on and "just watch" it didn't take long, along with a little encouragement, for her to try it! She was so brave and just started running through it! I was so so proud and made a huge deal about it, telling her I'd get her a blue icee (her favorite) if she was brave and tried it. She was so proud of herself which made me even happier. Wyatt on the other hand, not interested in the slightest. Maybe it had to do with it being so close to nap time? He was all about the snuggles instead. No complaints here. 

The kids fell asleep in the car, which I DREAD! They refused to go back to sleep when we got back home which made for a very exhausted mama. I just gave up and took them downstairs to eat Popsicles. Ya can't win em all ;) but after they were so good all day, it's hard to complain. They are just babies. I tend to forget that sometimes.

We are looking forward to a beautiful weekend! Happy Friday, friends!

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